The Envision project video was launched on 8 September 2021 at the IUCN World Conservation Congress in Marseille, France.  The video highlights the perspectives of different stakeholders for inclusive protected areas management, and includes beautiful footage from our case study areas across Sweden, Spain, the Netherlands, and Alaska (click for short and long versions). The launch event at this hybrid-attendance conference included interventions by:

  • Frank Vassen, European Commission
  • Andrej Sovinc, Regional Vice Chair for Europe, IUCN World Commission on Protected Areas
  • Alberto Arroyo Schnell, Sr. Policy Officer, IUCN Brussels
  • Dr. Veronica Lo, Envision project manager, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences

Throughout the Congress, participants can learn about the Envision project at the “Vital Sites for a Protected Planet” Pavilion Clinic Space, where IUCN colleagues are explaining our project and providing QR codes to download our latest publications. Check our our Twitter feed for updates!