The Sierra de Guadarrama National Park holds special meaning to the millions of people that live around it. The mountains, rivers, forests, grasslands and diversity of flora and fauna sustain the nearby population with clean air and water, a multitude of recreational and educational activities, livestock farming, and spiritual and cultural connections inspired by a centuries-old history of use. Such diverse uses and interests in the Park result in different visions for its future management, particularly considering the multitude of drivers of change affecting its landscapes. In fall 2020, Envision researchers developed a virtual participatory planning workshop to reflect on future scenarios for the Park based on current socio-ecological conditions and drivers of change in recent years. Forty-five participants joined the two-day workshop, including decision-makers, researchers, local users, non-governmental organizations, and other social actors. Stakeholders identified who would lose or gain in these future scenarios, and devised several strategies to realize their desired futures. This report contains a summary of the workshop outcomes (in Spanish) with further publications planned for the future.