ENVISION’s contribution towards an inclusive Global Biodiversity Framework.

In this brief, we present how the inclusive conservation approach can be helpful in the implementation of both the Post-2020 Global Biodiversity Framework and the EU Biodiversity Strategy for 2030. A unifying challenge for protected area (PA) management is the need to extend and broaden the stewardship of PAs, by including the diverse visions of stakeholders and engaging nearby communities. Using first results emerging from the ENVISION case studies we explore to what extent balancing diverse stakeholder visions is possible, and how strategies based on collectively defined visions can be translated into sustainable protected area management at multiple scales. Different inclusive approaches include assessing multiple visions for protected area management, considering their consequences collectively, defining new visions, and exploring power relations and different governance models. The policy brief aims to demonstrate how the inclusive conservation approach can accommodate and balance different visions for PA management, which is a crucial step towards achieving socially relevant and environmentally sustainable outcomes in PA management.

For more information please explore our newly published policy brief on policy relevant implications of ENVISION’S approach to Inclusive Conservation.