Revisiting the concept of inclusive conservation to give impulse and identify challenges and opportunities in current strategies and scientific debates around nature conservation

Now that half of the project is behind us and we have all gained new insights, it was time for the ENVISION team to come together to reflect. The aim of this workshop held online on October 26th 2020 was several fold:

1)  to refresh the concept of inclusive conservation,

2)  to deliberate about its dimensions and how they are connected to our findings to date,

3)  to explore how the produced knowledge as well as projected future findings can be operationalized and mainstreamed in relation to nature conservation policies and strategies.

The results, deliberations and insights of the workshop will guide and inspire the team in preparing next consortium manuscripts e.g. systematic review about inclusive conservation, perspective papers, synthesis papers, different work-packages deliverables, postdoc exchange-writing workshop or/and other outreaches. Special thanks goes to Miguel, Anna and Veronica who had put much work and dedication into preparing and organizing the IC workshop.