In 2019 ENVISION teams have completed initial inventory of visions for management of protected areas and surrounding landscapes in all four case study areas. The focus was primarily on so called normative scenarios or visions, depicting desirable futures for the landscape from perspective of different stakeholders, including residents. To do so, our teams have used a mixed methods approach employing different combinations of interview techniques at each area, depending on the local context and organization level of the stakeholders. Most of the identified visions contain features of at least two out of four overarching vision perspectives (nature for itself, nature despite people, nature for people and nature and people), with some of them having the “leading” role in shaping the vision. Some visions share much overlap between one another forming clusters, for examples “landscape of convenience” in the Netherlands and “productivity-oriented landscape” in the Netherlands and in Sweden. A few themes emerged in visions across all four areas such as transparency and participation of stakeholders in decision making, the importance of preservation of biodiversity, and recreational use. The Swedish, Spanish and Dutch study areas share one vision archetype, namely the holistic/integrated approach to the management of the area. Access to the land, sense of community and subsistence use issues are most important in the Denali National Park, U.S. The full report is available upon request.