Find concise information about the ENVISION inclusive-conservation approach in our newly developed brochures. Please feel free to download and spread the fact sheets about inclusive-conservation and the ENVISION project to any audience interested in new approaches and tools to preserve biodiversity and enhance human well-being in protected areas. Enjoy!

ENVISION_factsheet-for knowledge alliances

This paper summarizes the scientific basis for inclusive conservation in the context of protected area management, and provides an update on ENVISION’s activities in 2019. It is intended for members of ENVISION’s local and inter-site knowledge alliances so that they can better understand the scientific directions of the ENVISION project. The ideas presented in this paper will be further developed over the course of the project based on the data collated and the insights shared by alliance members.

ENVISION_factsheet-for policy makers

What is inclusive conservation and why is it important to biodiversity conservation and protected area management? This paper provides an overview on the current status and concepts of biodiversity conservation both within the European Union and the United States of America. It further elaborates on the challenges biodiversity conservation faces in both regions and exemplifies how ENVISION’s inclusive-conservation approach can contribute with novel tools to successfully secure species diversity and human well-being in protected areas for future generations.