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ENVISION is a research project that develops an inclusive approach to the management of protected areas, known as ‘inclusive conservation’, with the aim of improving biodiversity and human well-being.

Inclusive conservation involves developing and applying inter- and trans-disciplinary tools and processes to identify, compare and balance the consequences of different visions for how nature should be conserved.

ENVISION enhances understanding about social and ecological consequences of protected area management with an aim to facilitate reflection on future growth and landscape change.

The project uses inclusive conservation to open-up a dialogue across the various stakeholders of a protected area, and to collectively define and balance visions for protected area management.

Article:  Delineating participation in conservation governance: Insights from the Sierra de Guadarrama National Park (Spain)

M.D. López-Rodríguez, I. Ruiz-Mallén, E. Oteros-Rozas, H. March, R. Keller, V.B. Lo, M.A. Cebrián-Piqueras, R. Andrade
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Article:  Scientific and local ecological knowledge, shaping perceptions towards protected areas and related ecosystem services

M. A. Cebrián-Piqueras, A. Filyushkina, D. N. Johnson, V. B. Lo, M. D. López-Rodríguez, H. March, E. Oteros-Rozas, C. Peppler-Lisbach, C. Quintas-Soriano, C. M. Raymond, I. Ruiz-Mallén, C. J. van Riper, Y. Zinngrebe, T. Plieninger
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